About Us

Beltaine in the Forest has grown and changed over the years. But the dream itself has not changed, to bring the community together for a day of celebration and joy of Beltaine.
In 2008 Beltaine in the Forest began with a few friends gathered for ritual and fun around the Maypole.  It was a such a blast for everyone involved that they decided to invite the entire Wiccan/Pagan community of the region the following year.  Vendors flocked to serve the community, and Beltaine in the Forest has continued to grow ever since as an admission-free event for the entire pagan family in West Virginia and surrounding states.

We now host 200-400 guests along with various vendors, artists, singers and dancers.  Those who drum come to form a drum circle.  This event is supported solely by the donations of the pagan community, with the aim of serving that community.  We would like to deeply thank all of you who continue to make Beltaine in the Forest possible and successful each year.

In 2016,  Beltaine in the Forest and the dream that started it were entrusted to Lord Aeson Knight, who has been with Beltaine in the Forest from the beginning. Lord Aeson Knight wishes to keep this dream alive and keep the Beltaine fires burning. To aid in this dream, Lord Aeson Knight formed Friends of Beltaine.

Friends of Beltaine is group of community member coming together to aid and support Beltaine in the Forest, allowing this wonderful even to continue in its purpose of bringing the Wiccan/Pagan community together to celebrate the joy and peace of Beltaine.
Admission is totally free for all who want to attend.  Everyone is encouraged to bring a 20’ ribbon to tie on the Maypole, and to participate in the Maypole Dance. There is also a separate Maypole Dance for attending children, and because this is a family fun event and we DO NOT permit any illicit drugs or alcohol in this event.  We also offer a Drama-free and Attitude –free environment.
We wish you many blessing in the coming months and hope to see you at Beltaine in the Forest.