The drums have begin!!

We have begun planning and getting ready for Betaine in the forest 2017, the counsel has meet and we are awaiting coonskin park to open registration for the park on the 12th of January.  We are looking at the first two Saturdays of May but it is not set yet, we will post the date as soon as we have it set.

We have started a Go Fund me campaign So that we will be able to have everything that has been known as beltaine in the Forest. If the funds are not raised.  We will still have beltaine in the Forest. But will not be able to have everything as we have had in the past. As you know we are a total donation supported event. We are one of the few pagan events in West Virginia.

Here is a link to the campaign:


We will be opening vending around the January 14th Please fill it out Asap as spots goes fast.

In 2016 Beltaine in the Forest begin organized and ran by the Community

Your Beltaine in the Forest 2017 Council is

Aeson Raven Knight

Ellen Byrd

Vashti Amhose

James Collins

Heather Cooper

DrGonzo Q Bones

Holly Kimble

Roderick Dhu

Serenity Valle

Kourtney Reneé Bays

Cashier at Kohl’s

Doing  Beltaine In the Forest Planning Meeting 12/6/16

The council also Voted in our meeting that Aeson Raven Knight would remain caretaker of Beltaine in the Forest, and     Roderick Dhu   as Guardian


Want to join in the Fun?

I will be posting more information and blogs as thing Awaken for Beltaine in the Forest.



Aeson Raven Knight

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