Wicked Wicc ‘N Candles

Our candles are carefully crafted in our kitchen with positive energies, love, light, and laughter.
Each candle is carefully poured and scented with the intentions of the properties that the different scents offer. We are always working hard to bring new research, scents, and products into our company. 

Our candles are made with 100% natural non-GMO soy wax grown here in the USA, shea butter (jars and tins only), 100% pure essential oils, pure essential oil blends, or pure plant extracts, natural hemp, and are completely additive and dye free. All of our candles will be a creamy white unless the essential oil/extract has tinted the wax.

Our products are Vegan friendly!

Pre-orders are always welcome!

Contact info:

Wicked Wicc ‘N Candles

email: wickedwiccncandles@gmail.com

facebook: www.facebook.com/wickedwiccncandles

website: www.wickedwiccncandles.com

phone: 724-994-6597

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